Customer Comments

"I recently had an appointment at the San Pedro location in San Antonio. I wanted to say that I was very pleased with the therapist. He did a fantastic job and was extremely courteous and professional. I will definitely be recommending future visits to my friends".


- J. Spence

  San Antonio, Texas

"Service provided in a very relaxing atmosphere. Rob is a well-educated professional, that provides excellent service at a reasonable price. He has helped me with my Neuruomuscular (Trigger Point) issues."


- M. Johnson

  San Antonio, Texas

"Finally! A place with a great massage therapist. Been looking for years for someone who could give the right amount attention to those very specific parts of my muscles. My shoulders have not felt this good in years. Highly recommend The Relax Nation. Professional location. Good atmosphere, and well-priced."


- V. Santiago

  San Antonio, Texas

"My back feels so much better. Thank you Relax Nation!."


- J. Cassidy


"I went in for a Trigger Point session for my lower back. The Therapist was very good and Trigger Point is definitely another modality worth exploring. I recommend trying out the service vice traditional Physical Therapy."


- T. Usnik

  San Antonio, Texas

Very professional and explained all pressure points that were targeted to be treated. I was made to feel completey relaxed in spite of the fact I came in to the appointment with muscles which were extremely tense.


- V. Yanez

   San Antonio, Texas

One word: EXCELLENT!!


- R. Bruno

  San Antonio, Texas